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Mosquito Nets

We like insects... but in their natural environment! 

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All year round, but especially in the spring and summer, it’s very important to prevent insects from entering our homes, as they can be quite pesky! The first step is to identify which areas are more susceptible to that entry and protect them.
Windows and doors that grant access to balconies, patios, terraces or gardens are the first on this list and should be the ones to be equipped first with these screens – Mestre Raposa’s insect protection systems are ideal for windows and doors of different sizes.


Plissé Mosquito Screens

The plissé mosquito screens are the perfect screens for windows or balcony doors. They can be bespoke to fit openings of different heights and widths, are supplied with one or two wings with a central magnetic closure, or can be interlinked up to 6 wings. With no guide rail on the floor, there’s no threshold to trip upon and thus the passage way is completely open and free. Plus cleaning is made easier!


Fix-Frame Mosquito Screens

The fix-frame mosquito screens can also be used in both windows and balcony doors. With thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles and a fibre glass net texture, they are highly resistant and durable.


Insect Blinds

The insect blinds are adjustable to almost every kind of window. They are installed in the upper part of the window and work with a downwards rolling system. When fully rolled up they completely disappear inside their box and as such offer excellent protection against adverse weather conditions. These insect blinds can be screwed or glued on to the window frame, on the inside or on the outside the window, and as such do not obstruct its opening and closure



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For insect protection you can also consider using a zipSCREEN and have an extra shading feature at the same time. To learn about all the advantages the zipSCREENs offer, please refer to our website’s zipSCREEN page.




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