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uPVC Windows & Balcony Doors

The highest quality at a good value.

Mestre Raposa's uPVC Windows & Balcony Doors

Our windows and balcony doors offer you high quality at a good value, in an ecological material that can be completely recycled.


Insulation and weather behaviour

With a high thermal insulation performance (UF 1.3 W/(m2 K) and UW up to 0.65 W/(m2k)) and great sound insulation (DIN EN ISO 140-3/717-1 ndB: 32-52) they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Our PCV windows and balcony doors’ profiles are made of six chambers – rather than the usual five – with pre-chambers to ensure good water drainage, and feature an additional steel reinforcement within the profiles for increased stability and security. With anti-ageing and anti-corrosion protection, they are virtually insensitive to the weather elements, as well as to acids, fumes and detergents, and they are of made of continuously improved PVC thus offering you the highest quality. The 70 mm and 82 mm installation depth and the distance between axes of our PVC profiles offer a considerably increased protection against intruders and break-ins, as this greater depth makes it possible for the window or balcony door to take a thicker glazing and allows the security equipment to be installed deeper than usual within its frame.


uPVC windows and balcony doors custom-made to your project

Thanks to the specific characteristics and properties of uPVC, our windows and balcony doors can be entirely customised and produced in the most various shapes and in all sizes. Available in white and in a range of other colours, including a perfect wood imitation, they are manufactured with a variety of finishes suitable for both exterior and interior.
Mestre Raposa’s PVC windows and balcony doors are highly durable, due to a constantly improved surface treatment, require almost no maintenance, and the periods between these maintenances are much bigger than those required, for instance, by wood windows.


A choice that suits every house

Mestre Raposa’s uPVC windows and balcony doors offer you an added-value solution thanks to the German manufacturing quality guaranteed by the Salamander Brügmann profile. They are designed as advanced integrated solutions and will fit perfectly into to your home, whether you’re renovating it or building a brand new one! 


Our uPVC windows and balcony doors have a 10-year warranty!


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