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Aluminium Windows & Balcony Doors

Energy efficiency, safety and modernity.

Janelas de aluminio com corte térmico

Mestre Raposa's Aluminium Windows & Balcony Doors


Thermal cut and outstanding insulation 

Mestre Raposa’s aluminium windows and balcony doors with thermal cut provide excellent thermal-acoustic insulation (UF 1.0 W/(m2K); UW up to 0.5 W/(m2K); DIN EN ISO 140-3/717-1 ndB: 32-52) thus being extremely energy efficient and maintaining an ideal environment inside your home at all times.


Aluminium windows and balcony doors bespoke to your project 

Aluminium is a very sturdy material but also a very flexible one when it comes to its use. This allows not only the production of elements of the various shapes and sizes but also the possibility of going to even higher dimensions. Our aluminium windows and balcony doors offer you the most advanced functionality, comfort and aesthetics.


What is a thermal cut or thermal break aluminium window? 

The thermal cut aluminium profiles are considered cutting-edge profiles and have a huge demand in these modern times as they can save you up to 80 % on your energy costs, thanks to their state-of-the-art technology. This efficiency is achieved through a unique design where a structurally rigid polyurethane hard core is placed between the outer and the inner profile walls, acting as a heat block, which completely and thermally separates them from each other, whilst holding together in a solid composite. The associated thermal properties of our aluminium windows and balcony doors are thus unmatched by any other metal window or door system, or even any other material.


Suitable for large windows and balcony doors

On the other hand our slim profiles, offer extreme stability and thus particularly large glazed surfaces that fill the rooms with light and unobstructed views are possible to achieve. Thanks to a wide variety of design alternatives and concepts, as well as to the several different colours to choose from, our products can adapt perfectly thus fitting many tastes, tendencies and architectural styles, on both homes and commercial spaces.


An energy efficient choice

Mestre Raposa's aluminium windows and balcony doors systems require no any additional thermal insulation and the extremely low index of its UF value allows for great energy savings, along with an ideal home or work environment. 


Our aluminium windows and balcony doors have a 10-year warranty!



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