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Light, comfort and an appealing environment... all year round!

Mestre Raposa's Conservatories

Conservatories or winter gardens create spaces that get flooded with light, enhancing the quality of your home.
They can be especially useful to upgrade existing spaces and in home extensions. With Mestre Raposa’s conservatories you can create a new fully glazed space at your home, using various types of glass.


Conservatories custom-made to your home

With guaranteed stability and a wide variety of styles, Mestre Raposa’s conservatories offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, no condensation and the highest levels of security.
Available in aluminium, wood or in wood-aluminium. Whether you choose a traditional or more modern design, or even a mixture of both, we will work with you on every detail, from size and shape to all the finishing touches, to create a completely bespoke conservatory and your perfect living space.
A conservatory will add space, beauty and value to your home, with perfect insulation all year round, since Mestre Raposa expertly designs them to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even though conservatories were created thinking of winter, nobody said we can't enjoy them in the summer too!


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