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Sun Protection – zipSCREEN Textile Screens

The original all-rounder, made in Germany!


Mestre Raposa is the official ROMA distributor in Portugal and Spain. 

Would you like to see your windows free of accessories but you want to keep privacy?
Are you searching for an alternative to the traditional systems?
Do you need shadow to make your energy costs more efficient? 
Looking for something that also includes insect protection?


The perfect solution for large glazed surfaces

Big windows and balcony doors are modern and very trendy. They allow natural light to come into your home, enhancing its features and creating a pleasurable environment inside. However, so far it was hard to find suitable textiles sun protection screens to cover the entire surface of these generous windows and doors.
zipSCREEN is a versatile solution available in different colours and fabrics. A true all-rounder amongst the textile screens, it provides not only sun and UV protection, but also heat and insect protection for all your windows and balcony doors. As sun protection, they still allow enough daylight to come into your home, ensuring a natural room ambience and at the same time an unblocked view of the outside. You can use them as exterior shading or on the inside in both windows and glass doors.
It can be defined as sunscreens for windows, shade blinds or insect protection screens.


zipSCREEN Characteristics:

  • UV protection.
  • Wind and weatherproof resistant.
  • Several fabrics and colours available.
  • Blackout option.
  • Motor drive source. Option to include remote control.
  • Available with a maximum width of 6 metres. 


Advantages of its use:

  • Helps to reduce energy costs.
  • Reflects solar radiation up to 70%.
  • Can be used as a shading solution.
  • Insect protection.
  • Replaces blinds, shutters or curtains.
  • Screens can be applied outside or inside windows and glass doors.


Weather and heat behaviour

From an energy point of view they are extremely efficient, for as a heat protector they can reflect up to 70% of solar radiation, and they are also prepared to resist all climate changes.
With zipSCREEN your home will remain pleasantly cool and shady in the summer, whereas in the winter the heat will be kept inside where it belongs, thus helping you save significant in both your heating and cooling costs. And when zipSCREEN is completely closed, it also acts as an effective insect protection. zipSCREEN is an alternative to the traditional systems, that will keep your windows free of accessories, will still preserving your privacy. ZipSCREEN has a vertical guide along the entire height and when fully lowered is wind resistant, weatherproof and blocks the insects’ entry.

Resistant, modern and functional, you can opt to include a remote control for extra convenience: a sunscreen, shade blind and insect protection, all in one, available with a maximum width of 6 metres.


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